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Do you want to help us build a more resilient society through Open-Source? Here is how.

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Join our civic pool of commited developers

The Open Grassroot Foundation is in contact with citizen collectives and non-profit organizations around the world. Every time we discuss with them, they express their lack of software development capabilities.

That's why we maintain a civic pool of commited developers who are willing to be contacted to help develop impactful non-profit projects.

This registry is fully informative: we are only going to send you emails about development needs for non-profit projects. You won't be engaged to anything.

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Fund or sponsor the foundation

The development of the foundation and its projects take time and resources. You can help us move forward by funding the development of our work, either directly or through skills sponsorship.

Direct funding

We accept direct donations from companies (Corporate social responsibility) or individuals to help fund project management.

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Skills sponsorship

We accept skills sponsorship of software companies who are willing to donate time from their employees to work on Open-Source projects to improve the resilience of society.

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